If My Talent was a Monologue

If My Talent was a Monologue

The talent portion of Miss America is what makes this system unique. Not only talent prevalent in the judging criteria, but is the highest scored category; truly setting it apart from other beauty pageants.  Typically, when we think of the talent competition we think of two talents: dancing and singing. Dancing might be split into jazz, ballet, and lyrical, and vocal may or may not include an…

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Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Thousand Islands

Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Thousand Islands


When Olivia registered for the 49th annual Miss Thousand Islands pageant the Clayton Opera House, she was expecting to make great friends, rock the stage with her vocal performance, and go home feeling overjoyed with excitement, ready to participate again. Somewhere in the back of her mind, of course she wanted to win; she knew that the Miss America Organization’s emphasis on service was the…

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44th Marathon Maple Festival

44th Marathon Maple Festival


While at the reception following the Crown City Sweeper Pageant, I was invited out to attend the 44th annual Maple Festival help in Marathon, NY.  I am very excited, as it came at a bitter sweet moment in my life. The Miss NY class of 2014 is now complete, and I did not win a title. I will not be competing at Miss New York this year, or ever, as it was my last year of eligibility. I am now a P…

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RPI Annual Drag Show for Charity

RPI Annual Drag Show for Charity

IMG_6563 IMG_6564


This past weekend I had the great pleasure of attending the annual charity drag show at Renssellaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. It’s hosted by the Renssellaer Pride Association, but the proceeds benefit a local charity.

This year the admission went to benefit the Damien Center in Albany. This wonderful community center is for individuals with HIV/AIDS and their families.…

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Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Central New York


In 2010, Courtney Sheridan was 1/3 of the first time in Miss America history that threesisters competed against each other in a State pageant. She was Miss Empire Rose 2010, after having competed the prior as Miss Fulton County 2009. Two years later she took the stage a 3rd time as Miss Mohawk Valley 2012. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Courtney has done it again. This past summer she was crowned…

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Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Empire Star

Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Empire Star


Two years ago, Sarah Hreyo had the once in a lifetime opportunity to serve as Miss Westchester, and represent her community in the Miss New York USA pageant. Bitten by the pageant bug, and looking for the ability to further promote her platform and connect with people and organizations while earning scholarship money as a titleholder, she began competing in Miss America locals at the beginning…

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Cortland Crown City Sweeper

Cortland Crown City Sweeper

Eighteen Girls. Over 60 applicants in just over an hour, and only 18 made the cut.I made that cut, and had one last chance to live out my dream as the heart of the Miss America Organization. 


Saturday morning, just after the sun rose, Jon and I made our way down through the Finger Lakes region into the Southern Tier. We made it to the first venue just before 2pm, and I somehow managed to put a…

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Fooday Friday: Chicken & Chick Peas

Fooday Friday: Chicken & Chick Peas

How better than to spend time together than developing a healthy recipe together?


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Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Empire Capital Region

Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Empire Capital Region


Once again, Katelyn Smith is an Empire girl! In 2012, she won her first title and competed at Miss New York as Miss Empire Rose. She returned the following year as Miss Fulton County . This year she will represent the capital region at the state pageant as Miss Empire Capital Region 2014.

Although it may seem as though Katelynn is a natural winner, this might not be the case. She began competing…

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Fooday Friday: Make a Splash at a Birthday Cake

Fooday Friday: Make a Splash at a Birthday Cake

While at my boyfriend’s dorm for the weekend, he mentioned it being his roommate’s birthday on Monday. His roommate is on the dive team at their college. I thought it out briefly and decided I could make a cute diving pool cake for him! I knew I’d have to skimp on some details, like the 2 side boards and the team hot tub, for sake of time and resources. But I was confident that I could make the…

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Titleholder Tuesday: Miss Syracuse

Some girls start competing in pageants from the time they’re children or teenagers, or use it as a natural transition from dance or theater.

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