Miss CNY 2014 Preview & Predictions

Miss CNY 2014 Preview & Predictions


  1. Kelsey Mayo
  2. Katelynn Smith
    • Miss Empire Rose 2012, Miss Fulton County 2013, Miss Empire Capital Region 2014, Top 10 at Miss NY 2014
  3. Micheala Kenny
    • Miss Teen NY
  4.  Neetu Chandak
    • Miss Upstate NY’s Outstanding Teen 2013, National Spelling Bee Champion
  5. Dannah Languitan
    • first MAO competition, won multiple college sponsored pageants
  6. Katie Guevarra has dropped from the competition.
  7. T…

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Titleholder Tuesday: Miss NY American Nation

Titleholder Tuesday: Miss NY American Nation

10313481_662009957201847_8286855698096092692_nAmanda Daley;
Miss New York American Nation

Facebook | Twitter ANP Website

This weekend is pageant weekend. Miss Central New York, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen… But for Amanda Daley, it is neither of these pageants. As Miss New York American Nation, she will be in Cromwell, Connecticut vying for the 2015 national title, Miss American Nation. Amanda will be joining 15 other girls in pursuit…

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Time to Judge!

This past weekend I was invited to the annual Miss Saratoga County Fair Pageant to judge girls in 8 age divisions as young as 12 months old, and as old as 21 years.   I was very excited when I was contacted; I have never even been to the Saratoga County Fair before. I grew up a hop skip and a jump away, and would attend the Fonda Fair. (I hope to attend the 2014 pageant).

As a Judge, I gained free entrance to the Fair! I even got a stylish tote bag for attending on opening day. While there, I caught up with some visiting queens: Amanda Daley, Miss NY American Nation; Abbey Naumowics, Miss Altamont Fair; and Danielle Trumbull, Miss NY International.

Titleholders from each division received a cash prize of $100, as well as a gorgeous sash and crown. The high title, Miss Saratoga Fair Queen, went home with $200, the opportunity to represent their region at the Fair and throughout the community during their year, and their photo added to the prestigious Fair Pageant Photo Board.

The 2013 titleholders were there to host, and help the young girls if they got frightened on stage. I was pleasantly surprised to see Madison Manuel, Miss Upstate NY, as she gave up her Queen title. She credits her experience as Miss Saratoga Fair Queen as the reason she was able to win Miss Upstate NY.


Each girl walked across the stage and modeled her dress. The young girls were asked about their favorite part of the Saratoga Fair. The older girls provided three topics in their application, and a topic was chosen at random. Some of the girls really stood out with their public speaking– they speak better in front of a crowd than I do!

Some of the highlights from the pageant:


Miss Saratoga Fair Pageant 2014 This past weekend I was invited to the annual Miss Saratoga County Fair Pageant to judge girls in 8 age divisions as young as 12 months old, and as old as 21 years.  

The Pageant Rack

The pageant is over. You’ve either won and will be continuing to the next level. Or maybe you aren’t competing anymore. Maybe you just want a new dress, or need to clear out to make more room. Where do you go?

Ebay is an option. Consignment shops have been utilized forever now. Recently online pageant consignment shops have also began to spring up. But these all have one thing in common:…

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Titleholder Tuesday; Miss NY International

Titleholder Tuesday; Miss NY International

Danielle Trumbull,
Miss New York International 2014

Hometown: Mayfield, NY
Past Titles: Miss Empire Star 2012

Miss NY Intl Facebook Page
Miss New York International Website


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Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1994; deaf. Kayla Martell, Miss Delaware 2010; alopecia. Alexis Wineman, Miss Montana 2012; aspergers. Nicole Kelly, Miss Iowa 2013; missing a forearm. None of these beautifully inspiring titleholders let what may appear to be a disability stop them in the pursuit of the Miss America crown.

This year, 2014 state titleholders from Idaho and New Jersey have both overcame personal disabilities in the pursuit of the Miss America crown.

Cierra Kaler-Jones, Miss New Jersey 2014, was born with hip dysplasia. This normally means the thighbone does not fit correctly into the socket in her hipbone. It could be caused may many things, and generally does not severely effect the person. However, for Cierra, hip dysplasia had the potential to prevent her from reaching her dreams of being a dancer. In fact, as a result of her hips being unaligned, she is unable to do a split. However, this did not standing in the way of her pursuit of the Miss America dream. After winning local titles and competing at Miss New Jersey in the past, this year she took home the Miss New Jersey crown.

Sierra Sandison, Miss Idaho 2014, was not born with type 1 diabetes, but was actually diagnosed when she was 18. Generally speaking, this form of diabetes directly caused by diet or weight, is diagnose during youth. Thankfully, Sierra was diagnosed before it became life threatening. AFter monitoring her insulin levels with shots for a short time, she decided to use an insulin pump. Pumps help to regulate glucose levels quicker than checking blood sugar with a finger stick, and injecting insulin manually. Although she had the option to remove her pump during competition, she was not ashamed of her pump and chose to wear it during the evening. It may have gone unnoticed during most phases of competition, but certainly stood out during the Lifestyle and Fitness competition. Photos with her pump went viral, and encouraged a national campaign #ShowMeYourPump to promote pride for insulin pumps, hearing aids, and the like.

Right here in New York, we have beautiful titleholders who have overcome physical disabilities to achieve their dreams. Caitlin Nolan, Miss Erie Canal 2014 wears her insulin pump during each local pageant, and at Miss New York, unashamed of her platform Juvenile Diabetes Support and Awareness. Julia Rae Schlucter, Miss Metropolitan 2014 advocates Singing on the Top of My Lungs to raise awareness for Cycstic Fibrosis, which she was diagnosed with before birth. Lauren Crandall, Miss Mohawk Valley and Nina Zesky, Miss Salt City both suffer from severe eye sight limitation, and without strong prescription glasses are near blind; worse than standard near sightedness.

I, although I did not win a title, have Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a neuromuscular disease similar to muscular dystrophy. It personally presented itself in my back, shoulders, and hips, and I often looked very awkward as my body slanted on stage. I struggled to maintain proper posture and balance. I tripped over my own feet, and had times when I could not sign my words properly because my fingers were numb. But my optimist was always a strength. It is still a goal today to inspire girls across the country with CMT  to compete in confidence boosting pageants.

Back in 2012, Miss Massachusetts’ Outstanding Teen Amy de Silva represented my home state at Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, while promoting the platform of CMT Awareness. She, too, suffered from yet refused to be defeated by Charcot-Marie-Tooth. Read more about Amy here.

There is no reason that a disability should hold you back from your dreams- especially if your dream is to use the Miss America Organization to inspire others and make a difference in the community.

“Disabilities” Don’t Stop Us Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1994; deaf. Kayla Martell, Miss Delaware 2010; alopecia. Alexis Wineman, Miss Montana 2012; aspergers.

Cady Ruth Stoever, Miss NY’s Outstanding Teen

Cady Ruth Stoever, Miss NY’s Outstanding Teen

flower citrCady Ruth served and competed as Miss Flower City’s Outstanding Teen both in 2013 and 2014. She came across the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen system after competing in and gaining valuable pageant experience various other pageant systems.  She has used these experiences to not only build her self confidence, but as an outlet to promote her passion for literacy and her talent, violin.

During her…

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2014 Top Five Recap

2014 Top Five Recap

Placing at a pageant is great; you came and did your best, and get to walk away with scholarship money. You may have learned what you need to do better for next time. None the less, you more than likely will compete again, with hopes of having your name called last.

In 2014, 8 girls who placed in various local pageants refused to give up, and went on to win a local title. Perhaps the most…

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Is a Cup Competetive at Miss America?

Is a Cup Competetive at Miss America?

Miss America is the largest pageant system with a talent portion. This section is scored 35%, which actually makes it, according to the numbers at least, the most important category of the competition. It’s no wonder that many of our Miss America past winners, as well as countless state and local titleholders, have danced in ballet companies, performed on Broadway, or put out albums. The Miss…

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Miss NY Cheering Section

Miss NY Cheering Section

**We are so excited for our new Miss New York 2014 Kira Kazantsev, to be representing our great State at the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, September 9-14, 2014. She is well on her way to be the very best that she can be with her preparation.  She is excited as we all are and want to have the biggest cheering section in Atlantic City.

If you want to attend all events, get a badge or…

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Pageant Diet; Eliminating Sugar

Pageant Diet; Eliminating Sugar

DoYouYoga, an online community for yogis around the world, recently posted an interesting article on why sugar kills the consumer. It has not been a secret; sugar is bad for you. But just how bad? And does the pageant girl really need to take sugar into consideration when preparing for a pageant?


Sugar is possibly the biggest weakness for a pageant girl, but once it is eliminated in…

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Watch out Atlantic City; Big MAK Dreamers Kira & Acacia Are Coming to Town

Watch out Atlantic City; Big MAK Dreamers Kira & Acacia Are Coming to Town

In 2013, the Miss NY Local, a preliminary for girls in New York City, was founded. Initially, there would only be two titles: Miss New York City and Miss Cosmopolitan. However, the night of the pageant, they made an announcement; they would also be crowing Miss Metropolitan.

The first set of titleholders, Melissa Phillips; Metropolitan, Acacia Courtney; New York City, Kira Kazantsev; Cosmopolitan…

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The 2014 local titleholders have been very busy this week, but still found time to celebrate our country’s birthday. Many of the ladies teamed up with their Pageant Sisters in parades, to celebrate the 4th of July. Not that they needed excuse to wear Red White & Blue, and sit in the back of a convertible.

As the face of our community, it’s a nice reminder that titleholders are here to serve community members, and to honor all our military has done, and continues to do, to defend our country.

So finish the day with a joke from Sarah Hreyo, Miss Empire Star:

Why are there no knock-knock jokes about America?

Because freedom rings

Happy 4th of July

Let Freedom Reign The 2014 local titleholders have been very busy this week, but still found time to celebrate our country’s birthday.

Teeth Whitening

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